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College libraries are learning spaces for Civil service Aspirants as it is one of the prestigious and dream jobs of many college students. This study is conducted among autonomous colleges in Kerala to identify the resources, services, and facilities extended by these college libraries to Civil Service Aspirants. There are twenty-two autonomous colleges in Kerala, and an online questionnaire survey is conducted among the librarians of these colleges, and nineteen colleges responded to the questionnaire. The data is analyzed using Microsoft Excel. The majority of these colleges provide information resources specifically to Civil service Aspirants. The majority of the libraries are not providing special services to Civil service aspirants. Half of the colleges think that the facilities available in their library are sufficient for Civil Service Aspirants. In contrast, half of them say that they are not sufficient for Civil service aspirants. The librarians specified the challenges faced by them in providing special services to Civil Service Aspirants. The study found that College Libraries can provide excellent materials, special services, and a peaceful and comfortable ambiance for Civil Service aspirants.