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Fall 11-29-2021


The Qur'an views the Library as an essential means to be able to change a nation that initially did not understand anything into a country that is knowledgeable and has a high civilization. This is evidenced by the mention of the roles of libraries in the Qur'an, which at least consists of several concepts, the concept of reading, the concept of writing, the idea of science, the concept of education, the concept of worship, the concept of communication and information. The command to read means that Allah SWT wants reading facilities so that the teaching of reading becomes a reality that can increase one's knowledge. One of the facilities that can be used for reading activities in the Library. Thus, establishing a library as a means of reading and learning is a development of an effort to create a reading culture as commanded by Allah SWT. This study aims to determine the development map and trend of the Library based on the Quran published by well-known journals in the field of Library science. The data analyzed were more than 126 Scopus indexed research publications. The export data is then processed and analyzed using the R Biblioshiny application program to determine the text analysis of the development of the Library based on the Quran. Historically, the majority of libraries in Islam are waqf-based. Libraries in the view of the Quran include studies of reading interest, information functions, educational functions, preservation functions. Library-related studies are found in several verses of the Quran.