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Library anxiety plays a critical role in academic performance of the students. Anxiety is the feeling of disturbance while doing some important work. Everybody feels anxious in a daily life routine. Anxiety affects thinking and behavior. Previous research showed that there was a negative correlation among study anxiety and educational performance of the students. Students cannot achieve their goals if they are having library anxiety. No study had been done to identify the study anxiety sources in the universities of Pakistan so there was a need to report this crucial situation. The major objective of the current study was to identify different forms of anxiety and their effects on academic performance of public and private sector university students of Pakistan. In this survey, 416 students from public and private universities of Lahore, Pakistan were included. Survey Method was utilized to meet the set objectives of the study. Data was collected by using questionnaire. Findings of the study show that the mean of library anxiety remained the maximum so it is ranked 1. The mean of presentation anxiety ranked 2, exam anxiety ranked 3, and subject anxiety ranked 4 which remained minimum. Findings of this research are indeed of great value for the authorities and policy makers to formulate policies to reduce anxiety so that students might perform well in academics.