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Users’ Awareness and Usage of Open Educational Resources in select Central Universities of North India.

Madhu Midha, IKG Punjab Technical University
Jatinder Kumar, Lovely Professional University

Document Type Article


Technological advancements and open educational resources (OER) together have opened up wider opportunities to access globally created educational resources by anyone across the globe. A paradigm shift has been witnessed in the format of learning resources, their access methods, and the medium of delivery of the knowledge content. The findings of this research reveal that the academic community of central universities (CU) of North India is well aware of open educational resources. E PG Path Shala is the most popular and most widely used, followed by NPTEL and YouTube. The majority of users use OERs as and when they require them. The purpose of using OERs for the majority of respondents is to obtain general knowledge. Most of the faculty and research scholars use OERs to improve their professional competency. The majority of respondents desired that the institutions should provide free internet/Wi-Fi on campus and should also provide regular updates about OERs.