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Fall 10-31-2021

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In distance education, e-learning platforms are providing exciting learning opportunities and enhanced learning experiences to teach massive learners of all age groups, race, and gender without any geographical barriers using MOOCs (Massive open online courses) such as SWAYAM and Coursera are to educate the learners of all age groups, race, gender without any geographical barriers. The present study aims to understand the users’ perspective and satisfaction level towards MOOCs, explore features of MOOCs, particularly to compare the SWAYAM and Coursera. In this contribution, we seek to answer several research questions on sentiment analysis related to SWAYAM and Coursera mobile apps. MOOCs primarily have web platforms accompanied by their mobile app versions, presenting a comprehensive coverage for users. MOOC platforms like SWAYAM and Coursera also offer their courses through mobile apps. The user reviews contain valuable information which can be utilized for multiple purposes by different stakeholders towards the improvement of the courses, pedagogy, etc. Often the app reviews are remained untapped for evaluation and amendment purposes due to a lack of effective and simple technology as a manual method is time-consuming and tedious. In this study, the user reviews of Coursera and SWAYAM apps have been extracted and analysed by using the web-based sentiment analysis tool Appbot.