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Webometric attempts to measure the World Wide Web to gain insight into the number and types of hyperlinks, the structure of the World Wide Web, and the patterns of its usage. This study is confined to the medical colleges affiliated under National Medical Council (NMC) in the North-eastern states of India. It was shown that 7 medical colleges were established before the year 2000 and 8 medical colleges were established after the year 2000. The most common preferred domain is (.in). The website of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences has the highest domain authority while the Diphu Medical College & Hospital came at the lowest. In the case of page authority, the both websites of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences and Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences have secured the highest rank while on the other hand, the Diphu Medical College & Hospital have the least rank on page authority. The study also shows that Diphu Medical College & Hospital ranks highest securing 1.63 WIF and 0.81 R-WIF and also indicates the overall positive relationship between R-WIF and WIF which reveals that there is a greater inclination of closeness and strong relationship between the two.