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The study aims to investigate the scientific publication research productivity in IFLA journal for a period of selected 20 years of anniversary between 2001 to 2020.””The findings of the study revealed that the higher number of papers published in the form of article (i.e., 621, 85.18%), In the year 2003 has highest no. of publications i.e., 51 and citation is 127 followed by 2005 and 2007, 45 each. In the year 2002 has the topmost citations i.e., 233.The degree of collaboration is highest in the year 2017, 0.66 and the RSA in 2001 is 0.92, which is highest among all. In the 2015 has highest no. of joint authored papers i.e., 20 followed by 19 in the year 2017.The Scientometric tools such as degree of collaboration, collaborative index, annual growth rate, publication efficiency index, Relative citation impact, Doubling time, annual ratio of growth, Rate of single authorship, Publication Efficiency Index, were also used to analyze the data.