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The 21st century classrooms demand a lot from both the teachers and the learners due to the technological developments and demands in teaching and learning. These days, most parents buy their children (smart/android phones, tablets, or laptops without knowing the educational benefits of these gadgets in accessing online learning materials. The 21st century technology has made the use of e-books very beneficial to the teaming population of learners who have access to the internet, but it is worrisome that there is a dearth of research on such issues in the Nigerian context. Thus, this research examined the effect of library electronic books on children's academic achievement in Basic Science. This research was conducted within the quantitative research approach using simple repeated measures design. A sample of 45 class three pupils purposively sampled from three primary schools in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Education Authority participated in the study. Basic Science Achievement Test, which was properly validated, and trial-tested (α = 0.79) was used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using mix-design repeated measures analysis of variance. It was revealed that library electronic books had a significant effect on children’s achievement in Basic Science. Thus, it was recommended that primary school children should be exposed to the use of the library electronic books for the proper improvement of their academic achievement.