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Research on Woman Leadership continues to grow but is limited to one country and/or one field. From a bibliometric point of view, this study aims to visually study mapping and research trends in the field of Woman Leadership on an international scale. This study uses bibliometric techniques with secondary data from Scopus. Analyse and visualize data using the VOSViewer program and the search result analysis function in Scopus. The study analysed 767 scientific documents published from 1957 to 2020. According to the study, The George Washington University and Longman, K.A., has the most active institutions and individual scientists in Women Leadership research. Social Sciences is the most controlled and widely disseminated field of Woman Leadership. There are five categories of collaborative maps of researchers from around the world. Based on the identification of accumulated knowledge from more than sixty-eight years of publication, this study proposes grouping the themes of Woman Leadership: Leadership, Human, Education, Economic, and Female, abbreviated as LHEEF theme.