Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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The current study tries to understand the dynamic relationship between institutions libraries culture (Bureaucratic, Innovative, Supportive cultures) and student’s commitment toward using books/material for learning. For this purpose data was collected through proportionate sampling technique and population consist of over all students studying in The University of Lakki Marwat District lakki marwat Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Pakistan. Data was analyzed through SPSS. According to the findings gender differences did not evident any significant relation with students commitment types and university library culture. While Subject difference results through ANOVA state that normative commitment as well as supportive culture was recorded among zoology students. Regression results depict that supportive , innovative as well as bureaucratic library culture promote students Continuance and normative commitment for reading habit and to spent more time in library. While affective commitment did not evident any strength with library culture, that may promote reading and learning habits amongst students of different discipline. Based on the results recommendations are also suggested in the last part of the paper.