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The study defined user satisfaction as an evaluation of a service in terms of whether that service met their needs and expectations. The aim of the study was to evaluate the services and information resources provided by the Kwara State University Library and to see if users are satisfied with them. The library plays an important supporting role in any university. They provide the information that users need. The study mainly focused on the following problem areas; the type of services requested by users, the adequacy of information resources and the satisfaction of users with the services they receive. Three hundred and fifty (350) questionnaires were distributed to undergraduates and faculty members. Out of (350) questionnaires issued, (256) were received, resulting in a response rate of (73%). Microsoft Excel was used to analyze the collected data. It has been discovered that users benefit greatly from the library, its services and resources. Here are the main findings: users visit the library frequently, makes use of books, satisfaction with library opening hours, registration process and staff. He drew attention to the fact that there are some areas that need attention such as increasing collections of books and magazines, including photocopy machine into library service, improving internet service, increasing library working hours, and improving services from library staff. The study therefore recommends: increasing book and magazine collections, improving internet facility and including photocopying service, increasing library working hours and training staff to maintain a high level of user satisfaction.