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Winter 2021




The concept of blockchain technological came into existence from the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It is a very new, complex and trusted technology, and researchers are working continuously to find a way to apply this disruptive technology in different areas. This paper discusses a brief concept about the blockchain and the application of blockchain technology in libraries & information centres to enhance better library and information services in the future, as well as at present. This paper provides a basic understanding of blockchain technology, like what blockchain and blockchain technology is, its features, advantages, types, and how it will be helpful in education and libraries? Blockchain is a very disruptive technology that can reconfigure all aspects of society and its operations. This technology is immutable and distributed, making it difficult for transactions to be changed, duplicated, or faked. The study is an initiative to make library professionals aware of this emerging disruptive technology and guide them in taking some actions for the appropriate application of blockchain technology in libraries.