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Purpose: The study aims to review the literature published on the effects of COVID-19 on libraries and library professionals. It provides a glimpse of the actions taken by various kinds of libraries and associations in India and western regions. Research Methodology: The rapid review method is adopted for the study as it provides information rapidly and timely. The information obtained through this method is beneficial for the professionals and the stakeholders. It gives an insight to the libraries to follow the practices adopted by the academic libraries in western regions and India. Findings: The findings revealed that libraries across the globe have emerged as knowledge hubs with reframed tools and techniques suitable during the pandemic. It has supported the academic community by providing the users' information and settling down into a new normal situation. It is also found that libraries have left no stone unturned to reach the users and meet their needs. Conclusion: Technology played a significant role in encouraging library professionals to stay connected with their users. The paper has been able to bring out various experiences from libraries and professional interactions spread across the literature. The visibility of libraries and provisions of information services are possible due to the application of technologies and creating a new normal.