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Educational efforts to maintain national culture can provide learning resources in readings obtained from certain regional cultures. With intangible cultural wealth, such as folklore or fairy tales, Indonesian culture will experience extinction or cannot be found again if the story is not collected. The narrator's folklore writing platform is a digital platform as a local cultural heritage, in this case, folklore, by converting implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge to be passed down to students as a source of learning and reference. This study uses an ex-post-facto descriptive survey approach to 95 respondents during the socialization of the storytelling platform by exploring how knowledge conversion on the storytelling platform uses the SECI model as a source of knowledge conversion, how storytellers help provide open-source learning materials digitally, storytellers help students learn, help motivate to read & write stories and how are the characteristics of storytelling content to provide Indonesian cultural treasures. This study shows the inheritance of local culture from folklore that students can read and as an alternative source of student learning. There is a systematic knowledge conversion process on the storytelling platform. This research also covers the benefits and effects of local cultural heritage on students