Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 11-18-2021


This journal was written at Nigeria French Language Village, Badagry Lagos


Application of Artificial Intelligence is now evidence in all spheres of life, in the educational, medical, economy sectors likewise in the library to ensure prudence of available resources for better output. This research focused on the application of Artificial intelligence in Academic libraries in Nigeria. The research design adopted was qualitative research method, using expository approach for this study. The research objective set to guide this study is how the application of Artificial Intelligence could be used in Nigerian Academic Libraries. Literatures were reviewed in relation to AI study. Findings from the present study showed that AI could be applied in Academic library services in Nigeria like Expert Systems in Reference Services, Technical, Indexing, Acquisition and its application in Natural Language Processing, Pattern Recognition and Robotics in library activities. It is recommended amongst others that academic libraries in Nigeria should embrace the use of Artificial Intelligence in the library operations, library’s staff be trained on its use in the library service delivery in addition to its institution in all library units. Expenditure on Artificial Intelligence be included in the institutions’ budgetary allocations. The use of Artificial Intelligence in Academic libraries in Nigerian library system could foster easy access to information