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Objective: The assessment of scholarly communication on the particular area of knowledge has been used frequently by the subject specialists. The current study aimed to observe the coverage of articles on the subject area of “Library Marketing” in one of the library and information science journals, Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal).

Methods: Data search was performed on the Elsevier’s Scopus database on October 10, 2021. The name of the journal was written in the main search box after selecting the “source title” option and in the second search box, “library marketing” was written to refine the search result. The bibliographic records of the retrieved dataset were downloaded for the quantitative analysis. Microsoft Excel and VOS viewer software were used.

Results: A total of 78 records on “library marketing” were found in the Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal), published between 2002 to October 10, 2021. The majority of the articles (62%) were published during the last three years (2019-2021). All the selected articles gained 139 citations, and 7 articles achieved the h-index scale. One hundred and sixty-five authors affiliated with 99 organizations of the 15 countries contributed to these articles. One-third of the articles were contributed by Nigerian researchers. “Marketing” and “Library Services” were found to be the prominent keywords.

Conclusion: The study identified the literature on library marketing published in Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) and create awareness among the potential researchers as well as library and information science professionals in understanding the subject coverage and its scope.