Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Spring 12-2-2021


Libraries may soon be able to establish and manage their own data centres. This paradigm would allow libraries to control the apps and data stores that include sensitive and private information about their users' personal and financial information. The provisioning and management of infrastructure for a Web-based digital library present several complicated difficulties for library administrators. In this article, we address the challenges that digital libraries confront, and the efforts being made to solve those challenges. Infrastructure virtualization and cloud Environment are incredibly enticing options, but they are being challenged by the expansion of the indexed document collection, the addition of new features, and, most importantly, the increase in consumption. The study covers the current state of user service models in academic libraries to bring Cloud Environment to academic libraries soon. Then it advocated that Cloud Environment be used to enhance the present user service delivery paradigm. This study investigates some of the security challenges that arise in the context of data location, mobility, and accessibility. On the one hand, cloud Environment, technological interventions, curriculum overhaul, experiential learning, multi-disciplinary approaches, as well as continuous innovation and digitization are discussed in this paper as strategies that academic libraries can use to deal with emerging issues related to teaching and learning processes.