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The study investigated the student’s patronage and utilization of library and information resources in Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria. Four research questions were considered to gather data. The sampled for the study comprised about 367 library patrons (Students). Purpose sampling the population of the study is techniques was adopted. The findings revealed that Afe Babalola University Library have enough materials which can help their patrons to achieve their aim such materials includes: abstract, dictionaries, directories, handbook, journals, projects, textbooks, report etc. Moreover, result showed that respondents visited library regularly but they visited library mostly to read for examination, research, getting assignment done and for personal development. The findings further reveal that library users visited library based on their interest for textbooks, past question and internet. Finally, the findings reveals that no challenges such as power shortage, personal assistant, up to date materials, in-conducive environment, internet, sitting arrangement and organization of library materials. The study recommended the university teachers should engaged the student with assignment that will make them use library more and familiar with other information resources, the librarian should introduce the students to the library through the orientation, library should organized library week once in a while and take a tour to another library, invite interested student to write in school library journal.