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Winter 1-3-2022


Knowledge management is an activity that stores, disseminates, uses, and develops knowledge within the organization to increase its ability to grow and survive. The importance of knowledge management in the context of Islamic banking is expected to increase the organization's ability to create new products, services, and systems that can be continuously adapted to current conditions but are still based on the principles and philosophy of the bank itself. Organizational culture is an essential factor in building and strengthening knowledge management in organizations. This study aims to find out the development map and trend of Knowledge Management in Islamic Banks published by reputable journals in Scopus database. The data analyzed were 84 research publications. The export data is then processed and analyzed using the R Biblioshiny application program to find out the bibliometric map of the development of Knowledge Management in Islamic Banks. The results show that the number of publications on the development of Islamic Economics and Finance research continues to increase. This study also found that in Islamic banking, there is a link between knowledge management and product innovation, technology and information, as well as training and research for human resources.