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Winter 12-31-2021


This study explores the awareness and attitude towards plagiarism among postgraduate students and research scholars of Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (KU) and Panjab University, Chandigarh (PU). The findings of the questionnaire based study reveal that 53.64% of KU and 79.9% respondents of PU were acquainted with the term plagiarism. More than 41% respondents became aware of this term in their present university and more than half of the total respondents came to know about this concept during last one year. Only 23.97% had attended plagiarism awareness programmes. The understanding and attitude towards plagiarism needs greater attention. Maximum 88.35% respondents considered ‘Using someone’s ideas/words without acknowledging his/her’ as plagiarism while 48.63% did not consider ‘Helping your friend/classmate write a paper that must be submitted by him/her as an assignment’ as plagiarism. The main reason of plagiarism was lack of proper understanding of the concept and therefore it is suggested that awareness programmes on plagiarism and training programmes on methods of citation should be conducted.