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Winter 12-2-2021


Purpose: The primary goal of this research is to evaluate the web content of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPERs) website using parameters taken from conventional library websites. The standard evaluation method is used worldwide, and it is suggested that the library website be updated.

Approach/ Methodology: This study employed observation to evaluate 07 NIPERs library websites in India, utilizing a 100-item checklist organized into seven components to assess the availability of the library website's resources and services. The complete NIPERs library website was evaluated from August 10 to August 25, 2021. According to the findings, each of the 07 NIPERs library websites did not match all of the study's requirements.

Scope of the Study/ Limitations: In this study, I created 100 checklists to evaluate the 07 NIPERs Library website, which had seven sections and analyzed the data in table 10, which included tables 3 to 9 (T3 to T9), to determine the score and rank of the NIPERs library website.

Findings: NIPER Ahmedabad library took first place, followed by NIPER Raebareli in second place, NIPER Mohali in third place, NIPER Guwahati in fourth place, NIPER Kolkata in fifth place, NIPER Hajipur in sixth place, and NIPER Hyderabad in seventh place. This paper's findings will be used to improve and update the NIPERs Library website.

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