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The present study aims to investigate a mapping of 211 research articles published in the Malaysian Journal of Library and Information Science (MJLIS) between 2011 and 2020. The scientometric analysis emphasizes Issue-wise & Volume-wise distribution of articles, authorship pattern, and most prolific author, length of articles, reference distribution, and geographical distribution. Out of 210 articles, the majority of 174 (82.86%) articles were multiple authorship publications and 36 (17.14%) were single-author publications. The study came out with an Authorship pattern showing a majority of contributions from collaborative authors, a maximum contributed by 159 authors. Malaysia has the highest number of contributing authors, followed by China (84), Iran (53), etc. Renowned author Prof. Dr. A. Abrizah, University of Malaya, Malaysia is the most prolific contributor with 18 research articles during 2011-2020. Out of 210, 159 (75.71%) articles in domestic collaboration. The majority of 163 (77.62%) research articles were published within a page length of 11-20 pages. Total 7769 references were cited from 210 research articles with an average of 37 per article. The scientometric tools such as Annual Growth Rate (AGR), Degree of Collaboration (DC), Collaboration Index (CI), Collaborative Coefficient (CC), and Modified Collaborative Coefficient (MCC) were also used to analyze the data and interpretation. The outcomes achieved from the present study constitute a roadmap for intensifying the scholarly research in the field of library and information science.