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Winter 12-15-2021


The paper provides an overview of quantitative analysis of Journal of Librarianship & Information Science.


The present study is based on the scientometric analysis of 218 documents published in JoLiS from 2007 to 2016.The study explored various parameters of scientometrics such as total output ; year wise distribution and growth of research output; future growth of publications; degree of collaborations among authors, most prolific author, top ten countries in terms of research output and top cited article of the journal. The study found that most productive years were 2015 and 2016 with 28 (12.84%) publications and the least productive year was 2009 with 15(6.88%) publications. The study explored that the estimated future growth of JoLiS publications increased from 28 in the year 2016 to 53 in the year 2035 which shows that rate of growth is positive in relation to the year wise publications. The degree of collaboration among authors of JoLiS shows that authors of JoLiS have more interest in joint contribution rather than single contribution. The study explores that the United Kingdom is on top in terms of contribution followed by USA. It is found that Aharony N and Shenton AK have contributed maximum articles 7 (3.21%) each. The paper authored by Bryant J., Matthews G. and Walton G., published in the year 2009 is on top by receiving the highest number of citations.