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As the third millennium dawns, technology has profoundly changed at such a rapid pace that what is trending once may not continue the next hour and one need to keep up to date on any changes that reflect on their respective profession or within the scope of their duties.

Skills change as technology advances which is necessary for job pre- paredness, productivity, research and digital reformation. Library staff needs to be tech savvy in order to answer the broadened technology questions including computers, databases, and new media for rendering best user service. Rather than seeing technology as a threat, it must be adopted as a supporting system for information services, social networking, RSS, weblogs etc. The concept of libraries as physical space is rapidly changing to web based servers in the digital era. Library innovations evolved from the needs and motivations from the past, present and the digital future. The new generation is born into technology surrounded by an infinite number of digital devices keeping high expectations on technology driven library services.

This study explores how to make the defining technology of this century more accessible, appealing, and inviting a variety of users and learners to meet the technological demands.