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Winter 12-3-2021


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Few studies have reported the status of high school libraries from Goa. Keeping the importance of early education the present study highlights major issues through qualitative as well as quantitative methods. This study focuses on the library staff of High school libraries, their qualification and pay scale. Librarians in High schools are often treated as non–teaching staff and are given office-related clerical work. The authorities have shown negligence in setting up the required standards for High school libraries in Goa. No proper guidelines are formed which could help librarians to develop their school library. It was found that the majority of the aided-High school libraries do not have a permanent school librarian. The government high schools do not have the post of a school librarian. A teacher or non-teaching staff are given authority to handle the library work. The required qualification for the post is the certificate course in library science hence the pay scale given is also much lesser and not as of the status of the teachers. Subsequently, they are not considered as same as the teachers. This study concluded by suggesting some of the measures to be taken to develop the status of the librarians as well as the libraries.