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This study explored best practices for discovering literature for the review of the research work. The paper discussed various difficulties faced by the investigator during literature search from popular search engines and proprietary databases. This paper presented the whole method of performing literature search and organizing it for future use by using free and open source web tools. Dos and don’ts for literature review has been thoroughly presented to help the researchers to adopt a best practice during their research process. Finally the paper proposed various new web tools such as Citation Gecko, Inciteful and Open Knowledge maps to overcome those difficulties while doing literature reviews. Each of these three tools were explored, tested and a thorough demonstration has been presented in the paper. Citation Gecko can start to search with a few “seed papers” (5 or 6), then pulls in all of their references and even worldwide citations from Crossref and Open Citations to populate the citation network. Paper Discovery service Inciteful starts working from a single relevant paper then creates a network of articles from citations, analyses the network using network analysis methods, and provides you with the information you need to quickly catch up on that topic. Using typical search engines researchers have to sort and organize the research based on different sub areas which is a tedious task. The web tool named Open Knowledge empowered with artificial intelligence solves this problem by creating maps of the literature by grouping and separating them according to their similarity and differences.