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The fourth industrial revolution is fast developing and it is an era that is combining digital and human elements in a way like never before. The impact of the 4IR is still unknown but it is certain that it will bring about a profound change in every aspect of human endeavor. In the educational sector the 4IR requires human development that will fulfil knowledge and expertise. There is therefore need for Library and information science schools to respond to it, in order to give students, the opportunity to develop capacity in this fast-emerging area. Thus, this paper highlighted the Historical context of 4IR, the emerging technologies for 4IR, education 4.0, the development od new skills for the 4IR, LIS Curriculum Development in the 4IR. And challenges of employing 4IR in LIS curriculum. The paper posited that, library schools should develop their curriculum to keep pace with the 4IR in order to prepare the students and equip them with the right skills to fit into future opportunities in the work force .The paper recommended among other things that the National Universities commission (NUC) should ensure that LIS curriculum content is updated to match the rapid tempo of technological advances with the right infrastructures in place .