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Winter 1-3-2022


Libraries improve a country’s society quality through development, change, as well as science and technology. The Indonesian National Library has adopted social inclusion-based library services to improve society’s quality of life through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) program. Therefore, this research aimed to examine the social inclusion-based library transformation program implementation in Indonesia. Qualitative methods were used with data collected through semi-structured interviews and documentation. The data were analysed by the thematic analysis technique, which identifies patterns of research phenomena and involved three themes, including program concept, strategy, and targets. Furthermore, the program concept explains the basis of the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation program in providing knowledge, learning, and social activities. The strategy explains the National Library's implementation of cooperation between local officials, governmental and non-governmental agencies, facilities and infrastructure development, facilitating intermediaries, and providing information. Lastly, the theme of the target explains the established goals by the Social Inclusion-Based Library Transformation program for the society and program focus area. The results are expected to guide the Social Inclusion-Based Library programs implementation to improve social welfare and national development in Indonesia.