Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The process of teaching and learning as well as the creation of knowledge has been carried on since the advent of civilization. Now technologies have significantly impacted our societal as well as the educational system in the last few decades. With the advancement in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the entire learning community is moving towards digital learning or e-Learning. Use of technology in education has highly increased due to COVID-19 pandemic situation. E-learning process has focused on virtual classrooms and various online tools. The teaching fraternity with the assistance of various digital tools are helping the students to provide them with their essentials. For the purpose various technological competencies are required for the teachers as well as the students. The present study pictures the various competencies level of teachers and students in the use of technologies in teaching learning process. It also depicts both favorable as well as adverse impact. In all aspects the perception of the teaching professionals from both science and humanities has been undertaken. This study highlighted how to increase the competencies level of the teachers as well as students. The study also focused on the role of library professionals regarding the use of technologies in teaching learning process.