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The aim of this study is to analyze the Library & Information Science literatures available in the Web of Science database during 2010-2019 by the topic “Research productivity of Library and Information Science in India during 2010-2019: A Scientometric Study”. The required data is retrieved from Web of Science database using advanced Boolean search techniques. Total 778 numbers of literatures are retrieved from the database. The literatures mainly include journal articles, proceeding papers, editorial materials, etc. In the study, analysis of year wise growth rate, productive journals, articles, authors, etc are covered. Along with that three mostly used bibliometric laws, Bradford’s law, Lotka’s Law and Zipf’s law are examined with the help of the dataset. It is found that there is no constant growth rate of the published literature but the average annual growth rate is 12.64%. The study reveals that the most published literature form is article (88.95%) and “Scientometrics” with highest contribution of 98 is the most preferred journal on the subject.