Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 1-2022


Strategic planning helps to complete the organization's mission, vision, values, and goals. Now libraries transfer and incorporate print resources into electronic resources. The rapid growth of electronic resources in libraries urges librarians for e-resource management. This paper addresses the planning strategy for electronic resource management and the librarian's experience with planning, policy, and workflow issues regarding e-resource management. The study addresses significant steps in the process, issues, and challenges in selecting and acquiring e-resources and points out the effects of strategic planning of e-resources in the Hansa Mehta library of MSU, Baroda. It also describes the technical requirements, license, and copyright issues. The paper defines in detail the steps taken by the library to enrich library e-resources and usage and throw light on librarians' decisions regarding their fundamental management. This university library accomplishes the user's information need with appropriate planning and management of e-resources. This study explains how synergistic and earmarked techniques redefined librarians' new roles and inspired them to think creatively about e-resource management in the library.