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Summer 12-15-2021


Collaboration between department of LIS and librarian


The aim of this study is to assess the level of collaboration between librarians and Library and Information Science (LIS) academics for the development of the LIS curriculum, being aware that collaboration is an instructional strategy that positively affects student academic achievement. The term collaboration has become popular concept in areas of life where two or more individuals, organisations, institutions or nation embark upon a mutually agreed process. Collaboration provides the opportunity for experts and researchers to partner and fine-tune thoughts and develop strategies for multi-dimensional thinking towards achieving common and uniform practice. Collaboration between librarians and LIS academics has been seen as a strategic activity in the management of LIS education programs and library and information services.

It is widely acknowledged that there have been program structure and the content changes in Library and Information Studies (LIS) over the past decade. The supplementary drivers for change included changing client demand, innovations in information technology and the desire of LIS academics to cater to a wider information management marketplace than the traditional one. These changes are attributed mostly to library automation and the digital environment and it can be said that these changes affect the LIS curriculum to be unstable. The LIS education has been affected by these changes and the changing environment has compelled LIS schools to improve their curriculum so that it is in line with the LIS job market. The researcher believes that the changes in Library and Information Science (LIS) job market, changes in LIS education and the changing environment can be addressed through collaboration between librarians and LIS academics. The consistent collaboration between librarians and LIS academics can tremendously improve the relevance of the LIS curriculum. In regard of the present study, the researcher will critically review the literature that will be retrieved from different resources such as books, journals and articles based on collaboration between librarians and LIS academics as well as curriculum development in LIS institutions internationally, nationally (African setting) including South African setting.