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Winter 12-25-2021

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Due to information explosion and overload of information, libraries are unable to procure or subscribe to the enormous published information. Libraries are finding it difficult to supply the most deemed reading materials such as reference, rare, career advancement, scholarly publications, government publications, and research related reading materials. Thus, to overcome this existing problem, now the libraries, especially university libraries are starting to digitize the value added reading materials and have made them available through a digital library, gateways, portals, archives, repositories, and consortium electronic platforms. In this context, the present study evaluates the awareness and utilization of digitized resources by users, i.e., postgraduate students, research scholars and faculty members of selected university libraries in Karnataka. A structured questionnaire was framed as a part of doctoral research and 346 questionnaires were distributed among users of selected university libraries that are providing digitized resources through various digital platforms. Further, the study examines the issues of frequent use of digitized resources, preferred document formats to view digital contents, preferred search terms to search and retrieve information and also assesses problems faced by the respondents while accessing ‘Digitized Resources’.