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The study applied an adapted Technology, Economic, Legal, Organisational, and Schedule (TELOS) model to explore the feasibility of Research Data Management (RDM) at the Zimbabwe School of Mines (ZSM). The study employed a qualitative approach. Data were collected through interviews that were held with purposively chosen professionals at ZSM in the form of the Information Technology (IT) manager, the Librarian, and three (3) Assistant Librarians. Findings show that ZSM does not currently meet the TELOS model feasibility test. ZSM lacks a robust technological system to support data creation, data collection and description, data storage, archiving and preservation, data access, data discovery and analysis, and data reuse and transformation. ZSM has not yet created a legal environment conducive for the introduction of RDM. It does not have policies and standards in place to handle issues such as intellectual property, copyright, data licensing, ethics, data protection, freedom of information, and confidentiality. While librarians at ZSM possess basic IT and computer skills they lack skills specific for RDM. The study informs the shaping of policies, practices, and strategies regarding the introduction of RDM services in Zimbabwean academic libraries.