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Winter 12-21-2021




YouTube is the most used social media platform in the world where users search for information through various search tools provided. This study aims to analyze the behavior of information-seeking on YouTube among undergraduate students in Surabaya, Indonesia. We examined their information-seeking behavior and its implementation in daily life. We also evaluated the information needs and interests. This research conducted online questionnaires that were sent to undergraduate students from 27 August 2021 to 6 September 2021 and received 143 responses. We then analyzed the data based on the response results and statistics from Google Forms. The results showed that they used it as a channel to seek information as needed where they spent times for 1-2 hours every day. The most in-demand information is music, dance, and movies. The main intention of usage was for having fun and entertainment. They tended to search, select and use the information on YouTube manually rather than using information through the recommendation system provided.