Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



There is an increasing need for utilization of electronic resources for teaching and research by lecturers in institutions of higher learning. A study in this direction is not only necessary but timely given the volume of information from e-resources. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. A multi stage sampling technique was adopted and a sample of three hundred and sixty lecturers was selected for the study. The data was collected using Structured Questionnaire. Replacement sampling was adopted for non-response until the required sample size is achieved. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings showed that the most utilized is e-journal (45%); followed by e-books (39.72%). The most utilized search engines were Google (50%) and yahoo (32.22%). The major challenges in the utilization of e- resources within the institution includes, coping with too much information (46.76%) and restriction of access to some resources (28.89%). It was recommended among other things that there is need for the University of Nigeria Nsukka management to organize workshops, seminars and lectures to train the lecturer on how to use the various search engines.