Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



This study aims to describe the quality of services on-site at the Library of the Faculty of Education during the period new normal. The population of this research is active students in the Faculty of Education. Determination of the number of samples using the formula Slovin with 883. The number of research samples is 90 respondents with incidental sampling technique—data collection techniques with the questionnaire method through a google form, observation, and documentation. The data analysis technique uses the SPSS version 22 application and Microsoft Excel 2019. The results show that the quality of on-site service aspects reliability during the new normal period at the Library of the Faculty of Education is in the very good category with an average percentage of 86%. Sub-variable reliability is included in the very good criteria; this is evidenced by the speed of service time, equal ease of service, and the accuracy of information provided by the library, making users feel very satisfied. The ability of the library to provide services as promised has been fulfilled.