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Date of this Version

Winter 1-2022


This study investigates the relationship between impact of electronic resources and its usage in selected management institution libraries in Coimbatore. This is a quantitative approach-based study done by using questionnaire to gather data and information. A valid response rate of 76% has been obtained. Survey method is used for this study, primary data is collected via questionnaire. Five-point Likert scale is used, SPSS software helped to analyse the data in respect of descriptive elements. The study is relevant as it will help to build up awareness about e-resources and view them as valuable scholarly tools. Another reason for the importance of the study is that it enquires about the purposes for which the academia in higher education uses e-resources, thus contributing to knowledge in those areas. The study recommends library professional to take initiative to make awareness about the e-resources and intensive marketing strategies should be adopted to increase usage of electronic resources in management institution libraries in Coimbatore.