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The Covid 19 pandemic that ravaged the world, particularly Indonesia, had a negative impact on aspects of learning, particularly for children aged three to six years in early childhood education. The implementation of distance learning disrupted the face-to-face learning model, which was supposed to be the primary medium for increasing children's knowledge and interest. In this regard, the role of parents is critical in ensuring that learning at home is effective and enjoyable. This study explores the using personal digital archiving (PDA) conducted by parents for effective learning during pandemic covid-19. By using a case study, this qualitative research took the subject of one of the preschools in Surakarta, Indonesia. Data were collected by interview, observation, and documentation. The results of the study prove that personal digital library useful for effective children learning during pandemics. Parents use four things: Videos, PowerPoint, PDF, and Photos to support children learning by saving these things to their archive.