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The present study employed a quantitative research approach to explore users’ perceptions of e-libraries established under the Punjab E-Library Project (PELP) in Punjab, Pakistan. On the basis of the literature review, a questionnaire was developed to gather necessary data for addressing the research questions. The quantitative data was collected from users of four e-libraries by employing the convenience sampling technique. The findings indicate that the majority of the respondents used e-libraries to gain benefit from their resources and services. The respondents used various electronic gadgets, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets to access and use resources and services of the libraries. The respondents viewed services of the libraries as reliable, user-friendly, and easily accessible. E-resources offered by the libraries adequately meet their information needs. The findings have implications for the library administration and LIS professionals to continue and further improve resources and services of the libraries in accordance with users’ needs and expectation.