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This research aims to describe the management of State University of Malang (UM) student registration archives includes the acquisition of archives UM student registration, processing of UM student registration files, preservation of registration files UM students, and access and service of UM student registration archives. Student registration archives are important to be kept by universities as a form of the university's national responsibility. This research was conducted using a qualitative descriptive research method. The data of this study is data that can describe the management of UM student registration archive which consists of data related to the acquisition of the registration archive UM students, data related to the processing of UM student registration archives, data related to the preservation of UM student registration archives and data related to access and services of UM student registration archives sources of data in this research are the coordinator and staff of the UM Archives Unit, and staff from the Registration & Statistics UM Subdivision work unit. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation studies. The research instruments used in this research are observation guidelines, interviews guidelines, and documentation research guidelines. The analysis used is to reduce data, present data systematically, and draw conclusions. The results obtained are the acquisition of UM student registration archives by indirect verification to obtain an orderly archive. Processing of student registration archive UM uses the principle of original rules and the creation of archive lists as a means of archive retrieval. Preservation that is carried out is preventive preservation by doing prevention in terms of archive storage facilities and archives UM student registration themselves. Access to the archives provided is closed and the UM Archives Unit prepares services to consist of archive retrieval facilities, record keeping, and archive control.