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This study investigates techno-stress incidence of occupational stress on job productivity of academic Librarian in three selected federal universities in Southwest Nigeria, namely University of Lagos (UNILAG) Lagos State, University of Ibadan (UI), Oyo State and Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB) Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. The research design adopted for this study was descriptive survey method; the researchers used 84 questionnaires as instrument to collect data for the survey out of which 59 were duly filled and find worthy for the study. The study used censure as a result of the small population size (total enumeration). The results revealed that factors that aid job productivity are leadership style, working environment and staff motivation. The result further revealed that techno-stress factors such as eye strain, backaches, headaches, chest pain, and emotional stress are common symptoms. Ways to manage techno-stress among academic librarians are getting adequate user friendly software, maintaining an ever-present system of training and education to new and old technologies. The study recommend that Librarians should be conscious of techno-stress by, creating a level of reassurance, patience, and stability within the environment, effective time management, regular exercises, staying healthy and have a proper diet