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The National Library of Israel (NLI), located in Jerusalem, has been dedicated to the preservation of Jewish and Israeli culture, history and heritage for over 128 years. The edifice stores valuable ancient Jewish history treasures and continues to add thousands to its collection each year. The NLI has a significant impact on the lives of Jews in Israel and around the world. Millions of documents are undergoing the digital conservation, processing, and scanning process to preserve the cultural DNA of heritage. Books, manuscripts, maps, audio and archival material, and a reference section of rare collections are all means in which cultural heritage is preserved.

The NLI has envisioned to bring out rare and out of print items to the public for which digitalized has been taking swiftly. The open access of Jewish heritage is a policy goal of the NLI. The NLI is the protagonist of the notion that all these treasures of mankind's history belong to everyone. This paper is an articulation of the great endeavors of the NLI in collecting and preserving the historical past of the Jewish people and how generously it is making the historical treasure available to all people world-wide.

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