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A case study was conducted to evaluate the users’ level of satisfaction with the Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye (PIA) Library at Mangalapuzha Campus. The respondents were the resident seminarians of St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye and they belonged to the faculty of theology and philosophy. A total of 152 responses were received with a response rate of 86.86%. The study concluded that the overall satisfaction of respondents with the library resources and services was 76%. Results showed that the majority of the respondents satisfied with library timings and visited the library for the purpose of referring to books and journals. The reference section of the library was the most relied on the area and the encyclopedia collection was the most relied on resources. The results of this study would help both the PIA administration and St. Joseph Pontifical Seminary authority to take serious steps to strengthen and improve the resources and services.