Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Winter 1-8-2022


The study examined the accessibility and usage of school library materials and facilities by Social Studies teachers in Sapele metropolis. One hundred and four (104) social studies teachers were the selected study sample using the purposive sampling method. Two (2) instruments were employed for the gathering of data. They are an observation checklist and a questionnaire. The data gathered were analysed using mean. The study revealed that most library materials and facilities were not accessible. In addition, it was discovered that non-print media were lacking. However, textbooks and print assets and materials were accessible. Also, the study exposed that poor government funding and insufficient financial assets and materials of school libraries had mired teachers’ usage of school library facilities and materials. It was suggested that Libraries funding should be made adequate, library Associations in Nigeria should organise training and development courses for library staff to boost their efficiency in school library operations, relevant and modern books, educational facilities, and materials should be made available and accessible.