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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced various life orders to change, activities that are usually done manually have turned into digital-based ones. National Libraries in Southeast Asia have an important role in providing relevant and factual information to avoid inappropriate information. The existence of the pandemic has hampered access to libraries. This has encouraged the national library to maximize the use of social media, especially Instagram as a forum for promotion and service extensions so that the public still gets the information and knowledge they need. This study discusses the use of Instagram by the three National Libraries namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The method used is qualitative descriptive, researchers describe the data that has been obtained from three national library Instagram accounts during the pandemic (January 2020-September 2021). The results show Malaysia has the highest frequency of content posts with an average of 102 per month. For the distribution of the most content types, Singapore posted 66% mixed content, Indonesia posted 33% event content, and Malaysia posted 43% event content. In response, Indonesia received the most likes and comments, followed by Malaysia and then Singapore. The three Instagram National Libraries have utilized various Instagram features such as posts, stories, story highlights, live, and videos. Account rebranding such as drafting designs and feeds is highly recommended. To attract the community interest, they must maximize the reels feature, create more diverse content, and consistently create quality, useful, current, and needed content.