Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 1-18-2022


The interest of health science researchers depend upon their moral and professional requirements to seek the information as the libraries are services oriented departments. The exponential growth of knowledge cause abundant of documents in various forms such as print and non-print materials and others that is, electronic information resources. The demand for specialized information by the users has necessitated the library to repackage the information from various sources to suit the user’s needs. The health science information seekers accept evidence based context and problem based learning is a part of information needs and they prefer their friends and colleagues as the most relevant sources to seek information, but print texts are more preferred than different database by the law students. The health science researchers fulfill their primary information needs through internet sources to enhance research activity. The e-resources are easy to save and copy and consume less time to access the required information. Understanding the relation between information needs and technology based information service can provide meaningful result to address the information seeker’s unmet health information. Further studies can expand the findings of this current study to better understand their barriers to health information.