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The study was conducted to find out the extent to which guidance counsellors are aware of bibliotherapy as a library reading skills intervention service, and the extent they utilize it in public primary schools in Nsukka Local Government Education Authority of Enugu State, Nigeria. Four research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study in line with the specific purposes of the study. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study and population of 101 school guidance counsellors in the public primary schools were used for the study. The instrument for data collection was a questionnaire of 28 items which was validated by three experts, one each from Childhood Education, Measurement and Evaluation and English Language Education, all in the Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. A reliability coefficient of 0.89 was obtained using Cronbach-Alpha method. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while t-test statistics was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings of the study revealed, among others, that guidance counsellors are aware of bibliotherapy in primary schools and that male and female guidance counsellors did not differ significantly in their utilization of bibliotherapy in primary schools. Implications of the findings for the teaching of library reading skills by English language teachers were highlighted.