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School Resource Centers (SRCs) are also known as School libraries serve as a catalyst that encourages students to read by providing high-quality information resources, both printed and non-printed. However, previous studies found that SRCs need to align their roles with 21st century learning, to cope with digital era and to help students to develop lifelong learning. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate the relationship between the roles of SRCs and student civilization in the education setting. This research applied the quantitative approach with online survey distributed using Google Form to collect data from respondents. The overall mean shows that the respondents agreed on all variables measured with the SRCs environment had the highest mean value of 4.4033, followed by SRCs collections. Further analysis show that SRCs collection, SRCs program, technology, SRCs environment and their LMT assistance toward student civilization are significantly determine relationship with student civilization. It is hope that 21st century SRCs would aid Malaysia’s education reform and the development of civilization amongst students by reinventing the cultures of reading and knowledge practice in schools, encouraging students to take greater responsibility on their education, and preparing them for the information and digital age.