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The public library is a local information hub that makes all types of knowledge and information freely available to its users. Its doors are open to all members of the community for full and unrestricted access to its resources and services, regardless of caste, sex, or religion. Public libraries today play an important role in the life of the community. The purpose of this study is to evaluate rural women's reading habits and use of public library resources and services. The study focused on, the purpose of library visits, the frequency of library visits by public library users, the amount of time spent in the library, and the level of satisfaction with the available resources and services. For this purpose, the researcher designed a well-structured questionnaire as a data collection tool. The results reveal that the library is valuable; the services are satisfactory for the majority of users which allowing them to stay current and improve their information searching skills in both their professional and leisure time. The study's findings will aid library and information science professionals working in public libraries to better understand the reading habits of rural women. The study's findings will have significant implications for public library infrastructure, reading materials, and the establishment of women-oriented services.